A custom-made order is a personalized commissioned work. I

immediately draw your attention on the fact that I do not make any reproduction. It is against my principles. I ardently defend original works and this choice of mine is not due to a lack of skills since reproduction is a major part of the teaching and development process of any artist painter. I do not make watercolors either. This is a very different technique and there are enough very good painters who can meet the demand.

When you request a custom-made work, this means that you are sensitive to my pictorial approach. I mainly paint with oil on canvas, therefore you should know that drying times are much longer than for other techniques.

The first thing to do is to submit me the topic, with pictures if possible, the format of the painting, the dominant colors, the ambience… The more information I will have, the closer I will be to your overall vision of the painting.

I allow myself 15 days to submit sketches and a free quote.

Once we have an agreement, I request 50% of the total amount of the artwork, the rest being due upon delivery.

We remain in contact throughout the development of the painting, either via video conference or visits to the studio.

The order is delivered with an invoice and a certificate of authenticity.

I reserve the right to exploit the visual for my showcase, but I commit to make no reproduction of the commissioned work.

If you are interested, please go to the section « Contact and Links » to contact me.

Nadia Vuillaume, Artist Painter.