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We deal here with the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume’s first goal, which is create a painting of a single picture or scene opening the door to several readings or interpretations.

The artist fundamentally thinks that the viewer or purchaser must be able to seize the work, so that there can be an exchange, a kind of continuity of the representation carried on beyond times and transfers of ownership.

In this painting, the geometrical construction seems to emerge from the depths or, on the contrary, is it disappearing? Is the white building in the lower part a factory or an incinerator?

Are we dealing with a birth or a disappearance? Is the luminous depth on the upper left side the sunrise or sunset?

Are we at the dawn of a revival or is this painting a representation of the end of the world?

Data sheet

Year : 2012
Category : Still life
Style : Abstract
Technique : Rembrandt Oil on canvas
Varnish : 2 to 3 coats of Extra-Fine Picture Varnish (anti-UV) Lefranc & Bourgeois
Dimensions of the canvas : 18ʺ X 24ʺ
Frame : No

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