In agreement with the works of Aristotle on pictorial representation: « The purpose of art is not to present the appearance of things but their inner significance », the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume undertakes a deep introspection of her subject.

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  • Self-Portraits

    The self-portrait is to the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume what biography is to the writer. It is above all an investment of both the body and mind, the essence of an inner work focusing on the projection of oneself.

  • Figurative Portraits

    Through the framing, the choice of her color palette and the lighting, the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume organizes a staging that goes beyond the simple plastic process of making a portrait. The artist accentuates above all the psychological and cerebral side of her models.

  • Abstract Portraits

    The abstract is a conception of art closely linked to the personal sensibility that the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume highlights here, always at the forefront of her spiritual and pictorial quest and pictorial.