The virtual gallery of the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume presents, by theme, her work in its entirety. Here, buyers’ reviews can be found side by side with her pictorial technique and her artistic approach.

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  • Animals

    The artist painter Nadia Vuillaume perpetuates the history of wildlife art in addressing this subject, in turn. This genre requires a long and patient observation in order to capture the animal’s soul.

  • Characters

    In agreement with the works of Aristotle on pictorial representation: « The purpose of art is not to present the appearance of things but their inner significance », the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume undertakes a deep introspection of her subject.

  • Genre Scenes

    In painting, a genre scene is a type of painted or drawn artwork that represents anecdotal or familiar scenes. In these genre scenes of genre, the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume intrudes into the intimacy, without voyeurism or judgement, and transports the viewer into the decor in the present time.

  • Landscapes

    The artist painter Nadia Vuillaume, by her very different approach of landscapes from one topic to another, reveals her mastery and knowledge in a constant desire to transport her audience to unusual places by immersing them in the smells, climate and mood of the moment.

  • Still Life

    Is called still life a subject composed of inanimate objects, or of objects animated with silent and still life. In her representations, the artist painter Nadia Vuillaume puts together objects irremediably lead to narration.

  • Abstract Composition

    In the abstract category, I include paintings that do not refer to any visual or real subject. To create these paintings, I either work on an inaccurate vision of my subject, or I deliberately remain far from any realistic representation of it.
    Abstract representations give the painter absolute freedom in the process of his or her work. I don’t think it would be either interesting or wise to explain the origins of my works, as abstract paintings are made so each spectator let his imagination and sensibility wander.